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Ⅰ. 单项选择。

(   )1. The final exam is coming. All the students are busy getting ready


      A. to     B. at     C. for    D. with

(   )2.      young trees have been planted along the north of China these years.

      A. Million of        B. Millions of

C. Several millions      D. Millions

(   )3. More sheep      by the farmer since two months ago.

      A. was sold         B. were sold

C. has been sold       D. have been sold

(   )4. We hope the students will go there      .

      A. as quickly as possible   B. as soon as they will

C. as possible        D. as quick as they can

(   )5. This kind of paper is      wood.

      A. made into B. made from  C. made of  D. made up of

(   )6. We      that the meeting had been put off.

      A. were told  B. told     C. tell him  D. are told

(   )7.      he didn’t help me find my lost wallet, I thanked him all the same.

      A. Even    B. Even though C. Because  D. Since

(   )8. China is playing an important role the development of economy.

      A. by     B. in     C. with    D. because

(   )9.—Do you think he will win the first prize in the match?


      A. I hope so.         B. I hope not. 

C. I don’t hope.        D. I’m not hope.

(   )10. They didn’t do it by themselves instead of      Uncle Wang for help.

      A. ask    B. asking   C. to ask   D. asked

(  )11. Xiao Ming will go to Beijing for a visit. I      him      a good trip.

      A. hope; to have B. hope; have  C. wish; to have D. wish; have

(   )12.—Can you tell me the difference      American English and British English?

—It’s a pleasure.

      A. between   B. among   C. during    D. and

(   )13. He      about three thousand words in the past three years.

      A. has learned  B. learned  C. was learning D. had learned

(   )14. The little boy is sleeping. You      make noise here.

      A. had better not to      B. would better not

C. had better not       D. would better

(   )15. He feels like      the Internet day and night. Tell him not to do it again.

      A. search    B. to search  C. searching  D. searches

(   )16. There are so many kinds of radios in the shop. I can’t            decide      .

      A. to buy what        B. to buy which

C. what to buy        D. which to buy

(   )17. Remember      the post office and buy some stamps for me, won’t you?

      A. to go    B. going   C. to going to D. to go to

(   )18. The old man always made us      him      in the fields.

      A. help; working       B. to help; to work

C. help; to work       D. helping; work

(   )19. When to go for a holiday      yet.

      A. has not been decided    B. have not been decided

C. are not decided      D. isn’t being decided

(   )20. This pair of trousers      silk and cotton.

      A. is made of        B. are made of

C. is made from       D. are made from

Ⅱ. 词汇。


difficulty, master, position, different, hungry,

dare, insist, industry, method, retell

1. With the development of     , the pollution is becoming one of the most serious problems in our country.

2. We shouldn’t be afraid of     . Instead, we must face it with confidence, try our best to solve them.

3. As a student, you must study hard and      scientific technology to make contributions to our country.

4. Learning a kind of language, we should not only learn its grammar, pronunciation, but also master the learning     .

5. Wherever you are, we can use GPS to find out your actual     .

6. The English teacher asked Wang Tao to read the passage again and again and      it.

7. Tom is so      that he has to stop to have something to eat.

8. Compare the two words carefully, then tell me their     .

9. If you      on trying out your ideas, I think you can succeed.

10. Tom didn’t pass the exam again. He doesn’t      to tell his parents the truth.

Ⅲ. 根据汉语意思提示完成句子。

1. 我决定在网上订购一个数码相机,那样就可以邮寄给他。

  I decided           a digital camera          

so that it could           to her.

2. 近五年来,西昌已经发射了几颗人造卫星。

Several man-made satellites                up in Xichang in the last five years.

3. 尽管学英语常花费好多时间,但我认为学习它还是有用途的。

  Though         a lot of time. I think it          

  Learn English well.

4. 如今在中国越来越多的人开始学外语。

  Now                people in China begin to learn foreign languages.

5. 十年内,中国将建造一个太空站。

  A space station                in ten years.

Ⅳ. 情景交际。


The girl(G) has talked with some foreign teachers at the English corner. Now she is telling her English teacher (T) about it.

G: I’ve just been to the English corner.

T: Oh.  1  Did you talk with Ben and Andy?

G:  2  And I’m not sure if they understand me.

T: No problem. You have had a good start.

G: But I’m afraid of making mistakes when I speak.

T:  3  Be confident of yourself.

G: But do you think they like to talk with us beginners?

T: 4   

G:. Well, I’m still not so confident. You know my pronunciation is poor.

T:  5  Try to talk with them as much as possible

G: All right. Thank you, sir.

A. That’s great.

B. That’s a really bad excuse.

C. We all learn from mistakes, don’t we?

D. No, it isn’t.

E. Only a few words.

F. Sure, sometimes they do.

G.. Yes. Unless they’re busy.

Ⅴ. 任务型阅读。

At present, Beijingers are all trying to do something for the Olympic Games. They think it will be awkward(尴尬) if they are not able to speak English when many foreigners come to Beijing in 2008. Beijing’s successful bid(申办)for the Olympic Games has stirred up(激励) the residents’ enthusiasm(热情)in learning English. Now the 100,000 civil servants(公务员)in government departments are taking the lead(带头)to learn, each of the 40,000 police has been use English in their service, English signs can be seen at airports, streets, bus stops, parks, museums and exhibition halls.

In a sense(在某种意义上), learning English has become an important part of Beijing residents’ life in their spare time.


1. What has stirred up the residents’ enthusiasm in learning English?


2. What are Beijingers trying to do for the Olympic Games?


3. What’s the meaning of “residents” in this passage?


4. In which year will the Olympic Games be held in Beijing?


5. If a foreign friend comes to a park in Beijing, will he know the name of the park? Why?


Ⅵ. 完形填空。

Do you like to go camping(野营)? Do you know how to start a fire? If you don’t know how to start a fire, you  1  your food, and can’t keep yourselves  2 .

Long long ago, people didn’t know how to start fires. They probably started fires from lightening(闪电). But they had to  3  the lightening fire burning, for there was  4  to start it again.

They  5  out hitting two stones together could make a spark(火花). The spark could set dry leaves on fire. They could start this kind of fire again if it went out.

Then people also learned to make a fire by rubbing(摩擦) two stick together. They made a hole on a large stick and put a  6  stick into the hole. And then they turned the stick again and again. 7  a few minutes they started a fire.

About two hundred years ago. People began to  8  matches (火柴). One early match looked  9  the match we used today. The match gave people a  10  way to start a fire. Today people are  11  finding new ways to start fires. One of the new ways to start a fire is to use an electronic fire starter(电子打火器). Now you can  12  matches and electronic fire starters at shops. Of course an electronic fire starter is more expensive than  13 .  14  it is useful.

After people learned to make fires, their lives became  15 .

(   )1.A. can cook  B. can eat  C. can’t cook D. can’t eat

(  )2.A. quiet   B. full    C. hot     D. warm

(  )3.A. ask    B. keep   C. let     D. make

(  )4.A. no way  B. no idea  C. a way   D. an idea

(  )5.A. took   B. found   C. looked   D. heard

(   )6.A. larger   B. large    C. smaller  D. smallest

(  )7.A. After   B. Before  C. When   D. For

(  )8.A. invented  B. do    C. make   D. used

(  )9.A. up    B. different  C. the same  D. like

(  )10.A. quick and easy     B. slow and difficult

C. new and interesting   D. important and clever

(  )11.A. always  B. already  C. even    D. still

(  )12.A. sell   B. buy    C. see     D. find

(  )13.A. a match        B. a box of match

C. a box of matches    D. a box matches

(  )14.A. so    B. and    C. but     D. because

(  )15.A. harder and harder    B. easier and easier

C. longer and longer    D. happier and happier

Ⅶ. 阅读理解。


    Many people like to search the Internet. Exploring the Internet is one of the most important activities of the day. The Internet brings the outside world closer to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than before because of the Internet.

    What’s going on in other countries? How do people live in places far away? Is there a good sports game somewhere? What’s the life like in the deepest part of sea? If you want to answer all these questions, just come to the Internet. Of course, people can also learn through reading or listening to the radio. But with the Internet they can learn better and more easily. A lot of information can be collected at a great speed.

    Can we go shopping without leaving home? Can we see a doctor without going to the hospital? Can we study without going to school? Can we draw money without going to bank? All these things seemed to be impossible, but now they have become quite possible.

    The Internet helps us open our eyes. The Internet also helps open our minds. The Internet often gives us new ideas. In a word, it helps us in many ways. Great changes have taken place in our life since the appearance of the Internet.


(   )1. Some people say the world is smaller than before because


    A. all people like to search the Internet

B. the Internet makes the search smaller in size

C. the Internet brings the outside world closer to them

D. exploring the Internet is one of the most important

activities of the day

(   )2. The sentence “The Internet also helps us open our minds.”

 Means     .

    A. the Internet is new to us

B. something is wrong with our minds

C. our minds can be opened only by the Internet

D. we can learn more with the help of the Internet

(   )3. We can’t      through the Internet.

    A. know a good sports match somewhere

B. cook the meal

C. know a lot of information

D. see a doctor and study all kinds of subjects

(   )4. This passage has told us      .

    A. it’s helpful to explore the Internet

B. not to explore the Internet any more

C. to stop reading to explore the Internet

D. students should not explore the Internet at any time

(   )5. Which of the following sentences is not true?

    A. The Internet can get the information faster than reading.

B. Without leaving home, we can get the money from the bank

 by radio.

C. People can learn better and more through the Internet.

D. People often learn a lot of new ideas from the Internet.


A: Recently, the word “clone” appeared very often in the newspapers. Do you know its meaning?

B: Not exactly, I read a report in yesterday’s newspaper. It said there was a Scottish Dolly. It was the first time that a cloned lamb had been made from an adult(成年的)sheep.

A: Actually, the word “clone” means to produce the “same” animal by taking cells(细胞)from an adult one, I think, if we know how to do cloning, we need only keep a small number of sheep, cows or horses.

B: There’s more to it. Recently there have been some people who ever want to clone humans.

A: It seems interesting. But do you think it is possible to do that?

B: No, I don’t think so. First I think we cannot clone a dead person, because the cells in his body are dead already.

A: Then we can clone a living person?

B: Again no! You might clone yourself one after another, but it is only a replica(复制品), not real you. It is only something, not a human.

A: Now, you mean that a real human can speak, think and create, and these abilities cannot be cloned?

B: True enough! I think the main purpose of Dr. Lan Wilmut, the “father” of Dolly, is to make better animals. It has nothing to do with human cloning.


(  )1. According to the dialog, the word “clone” often appeared


A. in the newspaper     B. on TV

C. in the magazines     D. over the radio

(  )2. What does the word “clone” mean? It means     .

    A. to give birth to new life

B. to make a new thing

C. to make the “same” living thing by taking cells from an adult one

D. to make something new

(  )3. The scientist who has cloned a lamb successfully is from    .

    A. America  B. Scotland  C. Japan   D. Russia

(  )4. Dolly was the name of     .

    A. an adult sheep      B. a person who did cloning

C. a replica        D. a lamb that was cloned recently

(  )5. Humans can’t be cloned because     .

    A. the abilities of thoughts and creativity(创造)of human can’t be cloned

B. scientists are not able to do that

C. people don’t agree on human cloning

D. there aren’t better labs


Paper was not made in southern Europe until the year of 1100.Thouth Scandinavia now makes a great deal of the world’s paper, it had not begun to make it until 1500. It was a German named Schaeffer who found out that one could make paper from wood. After that, forest countries, such as Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United States, became important in paper making. Today in Finland, for example, no industry is bigger than the forest industry. And the paper industry is the most important part of it.

Modern paper-making machines are very big, and they make paper very fast. The biggest machines can make a piece of paper 750 meters long and six meters wide in one minute.

When we think of paper, we think of newspapers, books, letters,

envelopes(信封), and writing paper. But there are many other uses. Each year, more and more things are made of paper. We have had paper cups, plates, and dishes for a long time. But now we hear that chairs, a tables and even beds can be made of paper. The newest thing made of paper in the world may be a paper house. It is not a small house for children to play in, but a real, big house for people to live in. it is not expensive. You can put up a paper house yourself in a few hours, and you can use it for about 5 years.


(  )1. When was paper made in Europe?

    A. The year 1500.       B. The year 1400.

C. The year 1200.       D. The year 1100.

(  )2.      found out that paper can be made from wood.

    A. A Canadian         B. An American

      C. A German         D. A Chinese

(  )3. In with country is the forest industry the biggest industry?

    A. Finland.          B. Sweden.

C. Norway.          D. The Untied States.

(   )4. How long can be the biggest modern paper-making machines make a piece of paper 750 meters long and six meters wide?

    A. In a day.          B. In an hour.

C. In a minute.         D. In a second.

(  )5. What can be made of paper?

    A. Paper cups.         B. Plates, dishes.

C. Chairs, tables, beds and houses. D. All of above.

Ⅷ. 书面表达。

    三班的同学进行了一场有关英语学习的讨论。 讨论的题目是:学习英语要不要从儿童时期开始?请你根据下表中的提示写一篇短文,介绍讨论情况。













3.参考词汇: 打下基础:lay a solid foundation 汉语拼音:Chinese pinyin混淆:mix up

    The students of class 3 had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood.








Ⅰ. 1. C 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B 11. C

  12. A 13. A 14. C 15. C 16. D 17. D 18. C 19. A 20. A

Ⅱ. 1. industry 2. difficulties 3. master 4. methods 5. position 

6. retell 7. hungry 8. differences 9. insist 10. dare

Ⅲ. 1. to book; on line; be sent 2. have been sent 3. it takes; is useful to

  4. more and more 5. will be built

Ⅳ. 1—5  A E C  G B

Ⅴ. 1. Beijing’s successful bid for the Olympic Games.

2. They are learning to speak English.

  3. The people who live in Beijing.

  4. 2008.

  5. Yes, because there are English signs in the park.

Ⅵ. 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. A

Ⅶ. (A) 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. B

  (B) 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. A

  (C) 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. D


  The students of Class had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood. Some of them think that English learning should start from childhood. As little boys and girls have a very good memory, they can learn a lot of English words by heart. This will help them lay a solid foundation for their future English learning. But others do not agree. Young children have to learn Chinese pinyin at school. If they study Chinese pinyin and English at the same time, it will do a lot of harm not only to their Chinese learning but also to their future English learning. In short, the students have not arrived at any agreement yet.