unit6后的完全同步练习和integrating skills的相应练习

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I.词汇: 完成句子

1.You should_______ _______ ________ ______(保持联系)your friend by letter.

2.He_______ _______ ________ of(匆匆一瞥)her before she disappeared in the crowd.

3.Please_________ __________ _________(注意)what I am saying.

4.He always keeps several baskets of apples________ ________(贮藏着).

5.His dream of being a famous singer_________ ________(实现)at last.

6. Smoking cigarettes _________ _________ (导致) lung diseases.

7.You should be out playing ________ ________ (而不是) working indoors.

8. _________ __________(像往常一样), he stayed up late last night.

II. 词汇: Fill in the blanks with the proper words:

in general  major  trend   indicate  ensure reform purchase remain  pay attention to  regularly   cure      hopeful  in store goods  system 

1. The __________ part of the job is done by machines.

2. There are ____________ signs that an agreement will be reached.

3. The doctor’s job is to __________ people who are ill.

4. The tea house has been open for several days, but the seats still ___________ empty.

5. We’re working on a plan to produce more ___________ for our customers.

6. If you want to __________ that you catch the plane, take a taxi.

7. Unfortunately, some people _______________________ the government’s ban (禁止)on lighting firecrackers.

8. What are the differences between the American and British ____________ of government?

9. The doctor asked the patient to take the medicine ____________ three times a day.

10. The animal can live through the winter without eating because supplies of fat in its bodies are ___________.

11. I ____________ that his help was not welcome, but he didn’t understand.

12. _____________, parents care more about their children’s health than about their own.

13. He gave his son some money for the ______________ of his school books.

14. Harry has completely ____________; he’s stopped taking drugs.

III. 单项选择

1. I think my money is enough for my travel — $400 in traveler’s check and $100 in ______.

A. notes     B. money    C. cash       D. credit

2. The ______ the two friends have kept in with each other is becoming closer

and closer.

A. relation    B. tie    C. link     D. touch

3. The policeman _____ the suspect _____ evidence which would prove he had

something to do with the murder.

A. searched; for   B. looked; for   C. searched; /   D. looked; /

4. Students , who are good at study, always _____ more attention on what the teacher teach them than those who are not good at.
A. fix   B. draws   C. calls for   D. pays

5. The cigarette end thrown away by the careless worker _____ the big fire and caused a great loss to the company.
A. brought in   B. led to   C. lay in    D. brought up

6. He quite appreciated _____ to the ball at the palace.
A. inviting  B. to be invited  C. being invited  D. having invited

7. To ensure him    danger, we'll take on another bodyguard.

  A.for    B.against       C.at        D.out

8. I've got to make      he told a lie.

 A. that clear      B. it clear that      C. quite clear       D. this clear that

9. When I left the hotel, I _______ a glimpse of a man walking slowly past the window.

  A. caught    B. took    C. made     D. gave

10. The student came to school late ______, which made his teacher a bit angry.

  A. as usually   B. as usual    C. like usually   D. like usual.

11. It isn’t quite _______ that the director will be present at eh meeting tomorrow.

  A. sure    B. right    C. certain    D. exact

12. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple,but it remains         whether they will enjoy it.

  A.to see     B.to be seen   C.seeing     D.seen

13. It looks as if time hadn’t had any effect on him: he ___ so healthy and active.

  A. remained  B. was remained  C, were remaining D. had remained

14. Many companies and consumers have already begun reforming the way _____ they do business.

  A. how     B. of which    C. in that    D. /

15.The electricity was cut off because of the storm. Luckily we had plenty of candles ______ store.

  A. in      B. at    C. for      D. with

16. The latest _____ in women's clothes indicate that people now care more about being comfortable.

  A. tracks    B. signs     C. directions  D. trends

17. It is said that President Bush will be _____ tonight at ten o'clock, giving a speech about fighting against terrorism.

  A. in the air   B. on the air   C. in air      D. on air

18. We were ______ to find that an _____ change had taken place in the city.

  A. amazed; amazed  B. amazing, amazing C. amazed; amazing D. amazing, amazed

19. The specific medicine ________ gastric ulcer(胃溃疡)thoroughly and he has never suffered from his stomachache since he took it.

A. has cured him of B. has cured him C. had cured him of D. cured him

20. When you have read the novel, you’ll have ____ better understanding of ____ life.  

  A. a; the      B. a; /   C. /; /    D. the; the

21. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.

  A. however          B. whatever        C. whichever       D. whenever

22. The school in the future will probably be quite different from____ they are today.

  A. that    B. what     C. which    D. ones

Word Spelling

1.    The weather f_____________said it would be fine tomorrow.

2.    Don’t hurry. This shop r___________open till 9 o’clock in the evening.

3.    Current trends i________ that transportation is becoming cleaner,faster and safer.

4.    The maglev train is controlled by an advanced computer system to e__________safety.

5.    Once people discover the a____________of online shopping, they will accept it.

6.    In the future shopping is no longer a n___________of life but a form of entertainment.

7.    Young people are always interested in the t_________of fashion.

8.    What life will be like in the future is difficult to p__________.

9.    Due to the advanced technology , most of the patients can be c________of the diseased.

10.  The educators are making great efforts to i__________ the educational system.