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1~5 AACCC                   6~10 CAABB

11~15 ACCAC                16~20 ACBCB

21~25 BDABB                26~30 BDBCA

31~35 BADCA                36~40 BACBD

41~45 CACBC                46~50 DBDAC

51~55 BBDAB                56~60 BDACD

61~65 BACAB                66~70 DCBCB

71~75 AADBC










One possible version:

The next day after the incident, a woman came to admit that it was she,not the boy,who broke the eggs.I was shocked.I admired the woman’s courage to admit her mistake.

 In my heart I blamed myself.I waited and waited for a chance to say sorry to the boy.But he didn’t appear until one morning fifteen years later.

That morning I recognized him the moment he entered the store though he had grown up into a young man.He was quite surprised when I told him about the broken eggs.He seemed to have forgotten all about it.

 I made an apology from my heart.He accepted it honestly.At last I breathed freely again!



(Text 1)

M:Good morning,madam.What can I do for you?

W:Good morning.How much should I pay for these books to be sent to New York?

M:Hm, twenty dollars.

(Text 2)

M:What can I do if I can’t finish reading it in a week.

W:You may come and renew it.

(Text 3)

W:Look at those monkeys running around the rock hill.See that mother monkey,she is carrying her baby in her arms.

M:Yes, isn’t it interesting?

(Text 4)

W:How much will it cost for my daughter and me to go to Wuhan?

M:It’s 100 yuan for you and half of the price for your daughter, as she is below one meter.

(Text 5 )

M:Good afternoon.This is Mr.White at the Friendship Hotel.Is Mr.Black there?

W:No, he is out to lunch.I’ll be glad to take a message.


(Text 6)

M:Have you traveled much in Britain?

W:No, not much.But I travel quite a lot in London every day.

M:What do you think of London traffic?

W:I think the London underground is OK because it’s fast and comfortable.But I also like your London buses ,especially for short journeys.

M:But don’t you think the buses are rather slow?

W:Yes ,I do.Particularly in rush hours.

M:What about London taxis?

W:Taxis often get us in traffic jams,and besides,they’re too expensive.

M:Well ,what do you think is the best way to travel in London?

W:The London undergrounds ,I think.

(Text 7)

W: Hello ,Ben.You’re getting ready for tomorrow’s lessons ,aren’t you?

 M:Yes.I’m a bit nervous.I have no idea what’ll happen in class and how I’ll get along with my classmates.

W:I understand how you’re feeling.Just take it easy.You’ll make a lot of new friends very soon.

M:Thank you.I’ll try my best to get used to my new school life as soon as possible.By the way, what time does the first class begin?

W:At 8 o’clock.But before that we have 10 minutes to hand in homework and then 20 minutes for morning reading.

M:So we must get to school before 7:30.Right?


M:How long does each class last?

 W:45 minutes,I think,with a 10 or 15 minutes’ break.

M:Well,I hear that lunchtime is nearly 12 o’clock and I’ll be starving by then.

W:Don’t worry.During the break after the second class,we can buy something to eat.

M:That’s good.

(Text 8)

M:Mrs Smith,we’re very pleased that you want to work for our company.I wonder if  you’d be interested in working in India.

W:India?But I’ve lived there.I was there for four years.

M:How about Brazil?

W:Brazil?No, I’ve worked there.

M:Well ,would you consider the Middle East?

W:Certainly not.I’ve worked there ,too.I spent three years there.

M:Well, there’s China, perhaps.

W:No, not China.I’ve seen China.

M:It’s a big country.

W:Yes, and I’ve lived there for a long time.Can’t you find any other country?

M:Well, there’s this island in the Pacific.

W:Island?Which island?I’ve lived there.

M:But, Mrs Smith ,there are thousands of islands ,as we all know.

W:Well, I’ve seen them all.Really ,can’t you let me go to a different country from those you’ve mentioned?

(Text 9)

M: Well ,this is it ! What do you think of it?

W:I can hardly believe it’s real.I’ve dreamed of seeing it ever since I saw it in books when I was a child.Just think of all this being built by hand more than 2000 years ago ! No wonder it’s one of the wonders of the world.

M:Actually it was started more than 2500 years ago ,when China was divided into various states.Three of the northern states built defensive walls along the borders to keep off the enemies .

W:But I thought the wall had always been built by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.

M:Well, yes.You see he united the whole country in the third century BC, and one of the things he did was to join the departed walls into one wall and built more walls from the East Coast right across the length of north China to the west.

W:It is certainly something any nation could be proud of.I hear this is the only human construction on earth that can be seen from the moon.By the way,how high is the wall?

M:The average height is 7 meters, the average width is 6.5 meters at the base and 5.8 at the top.Would you like to go to the top?

W:Yes!I’d like to have a look from the top.

(Text 10)

Miss Jenkins was born in a rich family.She liked all the foods which were rich in fat and sugar.So she got fatter and fatter.Her workmates often laughed at her for it.She was angry with them and couldn’t get on well with them.But her weight brought her some trouble.No young man liked a fat girl like her and now she was more than thirty ,she had to live alone.She went to see the doctors.They gave her a list of the healthy diets and advised her to lose weight and of course it was difficult for her to do so.For example ,it was her birthday one day.She went to a restaurant and bought a nice cake.The waiter asked her how many pieces she wanted him to cut it into.She thought for a while and said she was losing her weight so the cake would be cut only into two ,not into six.