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1~5 ABBAC                   6~10 CCBAA

11~15 CBCCB                 16~20 AACBB

21~25 DCBCA                26~30 BBCBA

31~35 DABCA                36~40 CAADB

41~45 BACCD                46~50 DCBAD

51~55 CBABD                56~60 BDABB

61~65 ACDDB                66~70 DCDDB

71~75 ACDBA

76.held→was held


78.eager→are eager


80. joined in→joined

81. have→has

82. And→But

83. nor→or

84. himself→themselves

85. How→What

One possible version:

New Development for Central and Western China

The Chinese government has recently decided to develop central and western China.This part of China includes 9 provinces and autonomous regions and one municipality,covering an area of 5.4 million square kilometers with a population of 285 million.

The government will pay special attention to its transportation.Some highways and railways will be built.To protect the nature,farmers will return farmland to forest.Also,measures should be taken to prevent pollution.Western China is rich in natural resources,which can be exploited and made full use of. To meet the need of the development,all kinds of experts and skilled workers are to be brought in.

We have every reason to believe that the development will be a great success.As a result of the great project,central and western regions of China will surely achieve better and faster development in the new century.The people will have a better life and China will surely be richer and stronger.



(Text 1)

W: Do you think Walt is old enough to ride a bicycle?

M: I’m afraid he is too young to follow the rules of safety.

(Text 2)

 W: Since it’s the rush hour, let’s take the subway.

M: OK. It’s not as direct as the bus, but it’s faster.

(Text 3)

W: Where are you and your family going for your holiday?

M: Well, we are trying to save money to buy a car, so we decide not to go away this year.

(Text 4)

 W: I want this knife. And I think I’ll take the pen, too.

M: All right. The knife is 7 yuan. So the total is 20 yuan.

(Text 5)

 W: Ted, why are all these books and clothes lying all over the floor?

M: I’m sorry. I’ll clean up right now.


(Text 6)

W: What’s the problem, sir?

M: Yes, I bought the mixer yesterday, but it doesn’t work.

W: Do you have the receipt?

M: Yes, I do. I want my money back.

W: You’ll have to see the manager.

(Text 7)

W: What happened to Janet?

M: She left her job at the advertising company.

W: You mean she quit her job?

M: Yes.

W: Why? I thought she was making good money.

M: She couldn’t stand it.

W: I can’t understand.

M: The hours.She was working up to 60 hours a week.

(Text 8)

W: I’ve heard you’ve just come back from America. How are things going there?

M: Everything goes well. But I don’t think I can live well there.

W: How long have you been there?

M: Oh, a little over 5 years.

W: Are you a U.S. citizen?

M: Yes, I am.

W: It’s said that there is gold everywhere. Lots of young people dream of going and living there. But you came back.

M: Yes, you can’t understand unless you live there for some time. It’s easy to make big money by hard work.That’s true. But I feel very lonely.

W: Don’t you have some friends?

M: I have some friends. But they are very busy. It’s difficult for us to get together.

W: I have never expected life in America would be like that.

(Text 9)

W: Good morning, Uncle Baker.

M: Good morning, Ann.

W: I want to have a dinner party to celebrate my birthday. Would you come?

M: I’d be delighted to, Ann. What time?

W: Next weekend, on Saturday.

M: Saturday do you say?

W: If that’s all right for you.

M: I’m afraid I’m busy then. I’ve already had plans.

W: How about Sunday?

M: I’m sure it will be all right.

W: Good, you had better come around 6:30 or 7:00, we’ll have time to chat a while.

(Text 10)

 Today I bought a copy of China Daily. This is the first time I have bought an English language newspaper. I know I can only understand a small part of it. I bought it out of my curiosity. My teacher told us it’s good reading material for learning English. I haven’t gone into the details of each piece. I have just gone over the headlines. I found it very comprehensive as well as interesting. There are many pictures and a weather report. It has many sections, such as Home News, International News, Business News and Sports News, and so on. Of course, there are some other sections, too, of which I don’t know the Chinese equivalents. I like anything from sports and entertainment to politics. I plan to buy it regularly. I can get a great deal of information and important news of both the internal and the world while I’m learning the English language.