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1~5 ACBCC       6~10 CCBCA

11~15 CABBA     16~20 CBACB

21~25 BDCCD    26~30 CBDCA

31~35 BBDCA    36~40 DCBAB

41~45 DCABD    46~50 CDABB

51~55 ADCBA    56~60 DBACB

61~65 ABDBB     66~70 CDDDA

71~75 BDCBB










One possible version:

April 26, 2001                          Sunday

This morning I went to the shop to change the coat I bought yesterday. But the salesgirl treated me coldly. At first, she didn’t admit the coat was sold in the shop,and then she said I made it dirty. She gave various excuses to refuse my request. So I got angry and quarreled with her. Just then the manager turned up. He asked what was the matter. After I told him the whole matter he said sorry to me and criticized the salesgirl. At last, they changed another coat for me. With satisfaction I said goodbye to them and took the new coat home happily.



(Text 1)

W:How did you like your work as a reporter?

M: Well, it was interesting. But I had to work long hours; I was never home on weekends.

(Text 2)

W:I wish I had the time to call home as often as you do.

M: Yes, I really like to keep in touch with my family.

(Text 3)

M:I thought I saw something in the yard.

W: I didn’t see anything.

M: Well, look again.

W: There’s nothing there.

(Text 4)

W:Are you scared about leaving home and going to college?

M:Yes, a little bit. Leaving home is a part of growing up, though.

(Text 5)

W:Dad, can I go out tonight?

M:No, I’m sorry. You can’t.

W:Why not?

M:Because William can’t stay alone.

W:Can I ask Nancy for dinner?

M:OK, you can ask Nancy, but you can’t go out.


(Text 6)

Store Announcement:

“Hello Shoppers. We have a lost boy named Marshall who was found in the sporting goods section of our store, and he’s looking for his mom. He’s five years old, and he’s wearing a blue and white sweat shirt, tan pants, and a black and white baseball cap. You can find him at the checkout counter at the main exit. Thank you.”

(Text 7)

W:There are so many people in your house. What are they doing?

M: We are having a party. I am the host and my wife is the hostess.

W: Are they your guests?   

M: Yes, they are. They are all my friends.

W: Who is that man?

M: He is Professor Zhang. He is a Chinese teacher. His wife is a teacher, too. Their daughter is a college student.

W: Who is that young man?

M: He is her boyfriend. He is a young doctor. His name is Karl Black.

(Text 8)


“ Hello everyone, this is the captain speaking, and I want to welcome to Flight 18 bound for Seattle.

Our flight time today is 2 hours and 14 minutes, and we will be flying at an average altitude of 29 000 feet. The local time in Seattle is a quarter to twelve, and the current weather is sunny, but there is a chance of rain later in the day. We will be arriving at Gate 13, and we will be announcing connecting flights on our approach to the Seattle airport.

On behalf of Sky Airlines and the crew, I want to wish you an enjoyable stay in the Seattle area or at your final destination. Sit back and enjoy the flight.”

(Text 9)

[Phone ringing…]

Bill: Hey, this is Bill. I’m sorry I’m not in. Just leave a message.


Hey Bill. This is Hank. I’m just calling to let you know that I’ll be a little late to the game tomorrow night. I have to work a few extra hours at work to finish a report. I should wrap things up sometime between seven and eight. Oh, and then I’m planning on dropping by Lisa’s house for about an hour since she’s been sick recently. Oh one more thing. I’ll swing by my house to pick up some food for the game.See you then.

(Text 10)

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