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1~5 CABCB                      6~10 ACCAB

11~15 CCACB              16~20 CACAB

21~25 CBDAC              26~30ABDAD

31~35 BCBDA              36~40 BACCA

41~45 DAABC              46~50 ABCDD

51~55 CCBDA              56~60 CBDAC

61~65 BABBA              66~70DCBDB

71~75 BDBAC→ linked

77. a→ the


79. has→has it

80. for→for it→ cities

82. is∧found

83.and→ or

84.possibly→ possible

85.we→ they

One possible version:

Sanxingdui Museum lies in the middle of the Chengdu Plains. It is one of the key places of interest in Sichuan Province. Sanxingdui has a long history which dates back to the Bronze Age. In Sanxingdui Museum there are plenty of ancient treasures and wonderful bronze statues, among which the most famous are the Bronze Mask, gold baton and so on. Recently many of them have been on show in many countries and areas, which has drawn the close attention and interest of the people all over the world. And thousands of people come and visit Sanxingdui Museum every year. This year a set of commemorative stamps has been issued by China and Egypt.



(Text 1)

M:Well, I wonder why the office is still not open.

W: But it’s not yet eight. In fact, it’s only a quarter to eight.

(Text 2) 

W: Did you go to the theatre last Saturday?

M: Yes, I saw“The Tea House”. The acting was excellent. 

(Text 3)

M: Excuse me, Madam.

W: Yes?

M: Does this bus go to Zhongshan Road?

W: Yes, I think so.

M: Thank you.

W: You’re welcome.

(Text 4) 

M: I hope it’ll be fine tomorrow. I’m going boating with Tom.

W: Oh, I think it will be fine.

M: Are you sure?

W: Yes. I heard it on the radio.

(Text 5)

M: Shall we go to the cinema this evening?

W:Oh, sorry. I’m afraid I can’t. I’m seeing my Mum off at the airport at 7:30.


(Text 6)

W: Can I help you?

M: Yes. I bought this radio two days ago, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work. I’d like to change it for another one.

W: Oh, dear. Yes, of course. Have you got your receipt?

M:Yes, here it is.

W:Thank you. Just a moment, please.

(Text 7)

M: Can I help you?

W: Yes, I am looking for a pair of white gloves. I think I wear size six.

M:The white gloves are on this counter. Let’s see… here is size six. These are nice and they wash well, too.

W:Oh, I’ll try them on. Hmm… they seem to fit. How much are they?

M:Five dollars.

W: All right. I’ll take them.

M: That’ll be fivetwenty with the tax.

(Text 8) 

M: Morning, Sue. Did you enjoy your holiday in the country?

W: Yes, thanks. We had a great time. And some friends went with us.

M: Where did you stay? In a hotel?

W: No. We camped in the mountains, near Snowdow. We cooked all our meals over an open fire.

M: Sounds wonderful. Was the weather good?

W: The sun shone nearly every day and it didn’t rain at all.

M: Did you like the people there?

W: Yes, they were great. We met some farmers and had tea in their houses.

M: When did you get back? Last night?

W: No. This morning. You’ll think we were mad. We got up at 4:30, left at 5 and arrived here at 9. I’m so tired. What about you? Did you have a good weekend?

M: Yes, but I didn’t do much. I just stayed at home. The weather was terrible.

(Text 9)

W: Come in, please.

M: Hello, Kate. Where’s Jane? I want her to type this letter for me.

W: I’m afraid she can’t, Tom. She isn’t working today.

M: Oh, why? Is she ill?

W: No. She’s studying for an exam.

M: An exam. Is she going to school?

W: Yes, she is. She’s learning Japanese in night school.

M: I see. Are you going to night school, too?

W:No, I’m not, not this year. But I’m thinking about taking a course next year.

M: That’s a good idea. Is it expensive?

W: No, not very. Anyway, it’s worth the money.

(Text 10)

Now, you want to know about life in the past. Right? I can tell you. When I was a boy, things were different. I had to get up at six every morning. That was not very bad in summer, but in winter it was cold. And we didn’t have any hot water in the house. We had to wash in cold water. We didn’t have a bathroom. My dad had some chickens. I had to feed them every morning and then I had to walk to school with my little sister. It was two miles to school and two miles back in the evening. But it always seemed longer in the morning when we were going to school. There was a bus, but we didn’t have the money. And we had to go to bed at seven o’clock every night. We couldn’t watch TV because there wasn’t any. On Sundays we had to go to church three times—morning, afternoon and evening. And we had some good times. We could go out and our parents didn’t have to worry about us.

There weren’t so many cars on the roads then, so the streets were safe to play in. And there were not many robbers and thieves in those days. We had to work hard and we weren’t able to buy all those things in the shops today. Life was hard, but it was simple and people were happier. I don’t think I’d like to be young today.